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Jal satyagrahis blink, call off protest

Indira Sagar Dam oustees called off jal satyagrah on Sunday with a pledge to hit the streets in coming days in case the state government fails to deliver on its promise. For last 15 days, a good number of people staged jal satyagraha at six places in Khandwa, Harda and Dewas districts demanding rehabilitation for dam-hit villagers.Senior NBA leader Chittaroopa Palit and Alok Agrawal announced to end jal satyagraha at Hanifabad village of Harda and Mallud, respectively. The jal satyagrah at village Mel-Pipalya of Dewas district and villages Lachhora, Piplani and Nandana of Khandwa district was called off in presence of hundreds of project-affected families.

NBA leader Alok Agrawal said, “The state government has given us verbal assurance to look into our demands. We will wait for a month. In case promises are not fulfilled in that period, we will take our protest to streets.”

Protestors said in the coming days as per order of Supreme Court dated September 6, all grievances related to rehabilitation and resettlement would be compiled through ‘Rehabilitation right camps’ and will be submitted to NVDA.

Jal satyagraha was kickstarted by displaced people on September 1 with demands like water level at Indira Sagar Dam should be brought down to 260 metre, they should be given land for land with the minimum five acre stipulation, or they should be helped to procure land, landless should be given a grant of Rs 2.5 lakh rupees each, submergence affected houses and lands that have not be acquired, should formally be acquired by the government, back-water survey should be undertaken for 42 villages, including Handia and Nemawar and, accordingly process of acquisition of affected locations should be done, places wherein land has submerged but not the houses and making it impossible for people to inhabit these, such houses should also be acquired.

NBA leader had met vice-chairman of NVDA Rajnish Vaish, who assured protestors that houses, which were not covered under land acquisition process would be acquired and orders to this effect would be issued on September 18.

He also assured farmers who have lost their land but not houses, would be verified. Again, those farmers, who are ready for verification, will have to submit applications and then only will their land also be acquired. Back water surveys have been initiated in all the upstream rivers flowing into Narmada. All the houses, which were submerged due to back water submergence this year, will be acquired in those areas that were rendered islands due to submergence. Construction of culverts will be taken up and completed with urgency. The farmers whose land have submerged, but were not covered due to errors in the survey of 1999, will be provided special rehabilitation package.

Jal Satyagraha continues into its 11th day with full fervor

No resettlement of displaced, profits worth 3000 crore reaped 

Jal Satyagraha agitations by people affected by the Indira Sagar Dam, which started on September 1, continued into its 11th day with full resolve. Men and women from Malud, Nandana, Pipalani and Lachhora of Khandwa district, Hanifabad Tola of the Harada district, and Mel Pipaliya village of the Devas district continue to protest in large numbers.

Jal Satyagraha:

Malud, Nandana and Pipalani- Khandwa district: There is a steady decline in the health of the men and women participating in the Jal Satyagraha, but their resolve hasn’t wavered. A group of people affected by the Omkareswar Dam from Ghoghalgaon village joined the demonstrations at the protests in Malud and Lachhora. It may be noted a historic 17-day long Jal Satyagraha took place in Ghoghalgaon in 2012.

Mel Pipaliya, Devas district: The Jal Satyagraha in Mel-Pipaliya village continued into it 11th day with full resolve. Several local organisations continued to turn up at the demonstration sites in support of the movement. There was a bandh at a nearby town, Ajanas in support of the Satyagraha, and the citizens of the town sent a memorandum to the Chief Minister, urging him to accept the demands of the people affected by the Indira Sagar Dam.

Hanifabad, Harada: People continue to participate fervently in the Jal Satyagraha in Hanifabad. Nearly 400 people were present at the demonstration site today.

Memorandum to the Chief Minister in support of the Jal Satyagraha: The Kisan Adivasi Sangathan and Samajwadi Jan Parishad held demonstrations in Itarsi, Hoshangabad District in support of the ongoing Jal Satyagraha undertaken by people affected by the Indira Sagar Dam. Hind Majdoor Kisan Panchayat and Jan Kranti Morcha of Chindwada district submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister. People affected by the Maheswar Dam in Mandaleswar village of Khargone district handed a memorandum to the Sub Divisional Officer to be submitted to the Chief Minister. It is worth noting that yesterday, there were demonstrations and memoranda issued to the Chief Minister in 17 districts in support of the Jal Satyagraha.

No resettlement of displaced, profits worth 3000 crore reaped:

Narmada Hydro Development Corporation, responsible for the construction of Indira Sagar Dam and the Omkareswar scheme, has made a net profit of nearly 3000 crore within the last few years. Following are the figures according to the NHDC website:


Net Profit (Rs)


12.37 crore


37.95 crore


106.10 crore


454.31 crore


 329.61 crore


 306.16   crore


 212.30  crore


304.44 crore  


646.90  crore


575.64  crore


2985.78 crore




The primary reason for these profits is the cutback in the rights of the people displaced. As a result, the displaced people have pauperized and they to resort to Jal Satyagraha to get their rights. The primary concern of the NHDC should not be reaping profits at the expense of the vulnerable, but the rehabilitation/resettlement of people who have lost everything they had in the name of the so-called development. The Andolam demands that the demands of the people affected by the Indira Sagar Dam be accepted immediately.

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Historic Civil Disobedience: Movement by Oustees of Indira Sagar Dam

          Historic Civil Disobedience Movement by Oustees of Indira Sagar Dam

Jal satyagraha ongoing at 6 places in three districts

Delegation of oustees meets Mrs. Sushma Swaraj

Oustees should also be beneficiaries of development projects

Oustees human chain in protest

Oustees sit-in-water agitation

Since the last ten days, a historic civil disobedience movement is being carried out by thousands of oustees of the Districts Dewas, Khandwa, and Harda of Madhya Pradesh affected by the Indira Sagar dam which has the largest impoundment in the country. Although the State has tried to crush the movement by declaring S.144 on the waters of the Indira Sagar dam, but in all three districts, thousands of oustees have broken S.144 and offered arrests, and spread Jal satyagraha further. Thus Jal satyagraha is being carried out in 6 places with full vigor and determination. The Narmada Bachao Andolan demands that instead of using police force on the people, the State Government should fulfill their legitimate demands and undo the historic injustice that has been wreaked on them.  It is noteworthy that 254 villages are affected by this dam causing the largest submergence in the country. Despite there being a land for land policy, not a single oustee was offered land, and the oustees were evicted after giving pittances in the name of compensation. As per government figures, 85% of the farmers whose lands were acquired were unable to purchase any land, and became landless. The landless were also evicted after being given pittances, and were rendered paupers. In addition, the acquisition of lands and homes falling in the submergence and the rehabilitation of thousands of families is pending. Despite stay orders of the Hon’ble High Court and the Apex Court staying any reservoir filling above 260 M, the water level in the reservoir was filled up to 262.13 m, because of which houses in the villages of Lachora, Kalisaray, Piplani and many other villages became submerged, and 2000 acres of land became islands.  Delegation of representatives meet Sushma Swaraj  A delegation of representatives from the three affected districts of the Indira Sagar dam along with NBA activist Ms. Chittaroopa Palit met Ms. Sushma Swaraj, and apprised her of the grave situation of submergence, the health of the affected persons and the Jal satyagraha.  Ms. Swaraj heard the oustees with seriousness and assured that she would converse with the Chief Minister and a decision would soon be taken.  Jal Satyagraha: Civil disobedience by displaced persons  On the 1st of September, Jal satyagraha was started in the three districts of Khandwa, Dewas and Harda in the villages of Barkhalia, Mel-Piplia and Uwa respectively. However instead of considering their demands, the State invoked S.144 in the submerged area and began arresting hundreds of satyagrahis. However the satyagrahis accepted the challenge and began a civil disobedience movement by repeatedly breaking S.144 and entering the waters. Senior activist of the movement, Ms. Chittaroopa Palit and displaced persons from Barkhalia were arrested and sent to jail. Hundreds of men and women oustees from Mel Pipliya were arrested and 67 were sent to jail.  In Harda district, the satyagrahis were arrested first in Uwa, then Bichola, then Kalisaray and Saktia. However the resolute satyagrahis continued with their satyagrahas which is now ongoing at 6 places. Today the Jal-satyagraha is ongoing with great vigor and vitality in villages of Malud, Nandana, Piplani and Lachora in District Khandwa, Village Hanifabad in District Harda, and Village Mel-Pipliya in District Dewas. Health of satyagrahis dwindles, but spirits soar

The satyagrahis are gradually becoming weaker and developing fever, boils, allergies.The skin of many satyagrahis is falling off, and blood is seeping out, Thie r bodies are being eaten by animals who live in the reservoir. Since the water is polluted, grave diseases are apprehended. But despite these adverse circumstances, their spirits are high. Today, 14 women satyagrahies had to be hospitalized from Malud Satyagrah.
Wrinkle feet

Wrinkle feet

 Largest displacement in the country The Indira Sagar dam on the Narmada has caused the largest displacement in the country. More than 50,000 families or 3 lakh persons have been affected by this project. The rehabilitation policy enacted for this project has been completely violated and the oustees were evicted without giving a single oustee land for land. Today these oustees are fighting for their rights. The oustees demand (1) the water level in the Indira Sagar dam should be brought down to 260 m. (2) Land holders should be provided land for land with a minimum of 2 ha of land or assisted to purchase the same. (3) Landless persons should be given a grant of Rs. 2.5 lakhs so that he can arrange for his livelihood at the new place. (4) Thousands of farms and houses affected by the submergence should be acquired and the concerned families rehabilitated and resettled. (5) Bridges and roads be constructed to create access to the islands formed by the reservoir. Oustees must be beneficiaries of development Any development project based on exclusion of and injury to thousands of oustees cannot be called a development project. It is essential that the oustees must be included and benefit from the process of development. It is a matter of shame in this democracy, that the oustees are being compelled to rot their bodies in the reservoir created over their own lands, only in order to obtain their rights. The Narmada Bachao Andolan appeals to the general public to support the movement of the oustees, and demands that the State Government must immediately provide the required rehabilitation to the affected people. Gandhiji had taken the path of civil disobedience for the freedom struggle. Today the oustees have also chosen the path of civil disobedience. The oustees are determined that they will obtain their rights by placing even their lives at stake. Alok Agarwal                    Ram Vilas Rathor    Rajendra Prasad      Ramnath Singh Village-Uwa (Harda)   Village-Badgaon          Village-Mel Pipliya                                      Shyam singh                              Krishnabai                Devisingh            Rameshwar Patel Village Malud(Khandwa) Village Bichola, Harda Village Lachora, Khandwa Vilage Mirzapur, Dewas


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Images from Jal Satyagrah by Indira Sagar Dam Oustees

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Jal Satyagraha Continues In Several Villages


After hearing an application filed by the Narmada Bachao Andolan regarding the people affected by the Indira Sagar Project, the Supreme Court on Friday ordered the NBA to present all the problems related to rehabilitation of people affected by the Indira Sagar Project within a week and ordered the State Government to submit a report to the court regarding the same. The next hearing is scheduled for September 23. Senior advocates, Dr Rajiv Dhavan and Mr Gaurav Agrawal presented the case on behalf of the NBA to the bench consisting of SC judges Mr B.S. Chauhan and Mr Bobade.

High Court Extends the final date of the Omkareswara Package to 30th September

On the other hand, a bench consisting of the acting Chief Justice of Jabalpur High Court – Mr K.K. Lahoti and Mr Kakade ruled on the NBA petition on behalf of the people affected by Omkareswara Dam and ordered that the last date for the 225 crore package be extended from September 8 to September 30. Senior advocate Ms Shobha Menon represented the NBA at the High Court.


Police sent to arrest Malud Satyagrahis return empty handed

A large contingent of police personnel was sent to arrest Satyagrahies at the ongoing Jal Satyagraha at Malud village in the Khandwa district. When they arrived, more than 400 men and women descended into the water and walked deeper and deeper – forcing the police to return empty handed.

Fresh Jal Satyagraha in Nandana and Hanifabad Tola villages

Fresh Jal Satyagrah has begun in Nandana village in Khandwa district and Hanifabad Tola village in Harada district. Affected persons from nearby villages joined the jal satyagrah in large numbers by descending into the waters.

Satyagraha continues at Mel Pipaliya

The Jal Satyagraha at Mel Pipaliya village in Dewas District, which began on September 1, continues unabated. The 67 Satyagrahis who were arrested there earlier were released on Thursday. They rejoined the movement on Friday with twice the zeal.

Despite the release orders for Chittaroopa Palit and 6 others, the authorities have deliberately filed a case under article 188. They will now have to appear before the Chhanera Court on Saturday.

Jal-satyagrahis undeterred, complain of fever, skin disorders

 The jal satyagrahis, who claim to have remained continuously in water since nine days, started complaining about high fever, feet numbness and skin infections. However, they are not willing to call off their agitation against increase in the Indira Sagar dam water level.

“Though many satyagrahis are complaining about irritation and cracks in their feet, the numbers of protesters taking to water is going up by the day,” said Narmada Bachao Andolan’s (NBA) Alok Agrawal.

Lachokra villagers too have joined the agitation. “After the dam water-level was increased to 262 feet, more than 25 houses in Lachokra villages have submerged,” said Agrawal.

Local leaders are visiting the protesters. “They have assured us that they would take up the issue of the displaced villagers with the chief minister,” said Alok Agrawal.

In Mel-Pipliya village in Dewas district , seven couples are staging the protest. “The state government has not been abiding by the orders of Supreme Court on rehabilitation of dam-displaced people,” Agrawal added.


NBA’s jal satyagraha in Indira Sagar from Sept. 1

The Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) will hold a jal satyagaraha (protesters sitting in water) in the Indira Sagar Dam from September 1.

Simultaneous protests will take place in Badkhalia, Mel Pipliya and Unwa villages in Khandwa, Dewas and Harda districts respectively.

A similar satyagraha took place last year at the Omkareshwar and Indira Sagar projects in protest against the raising of the water levels and demanding compensation.

It was called off after 17 days after the government decided to keep the level of Omkareshwar under 189 metres and grant compensation. A Rs. 212-crore package for the Omkareshwar evacuees was cleared this May.

Omkareshwar-like package sought

The NBA is demanding that the authorities not increase the water level above 260 metres. They are also pressing for an Omkareshwar-like package for the Indira Sagar evacuees. “This monsoon, 1500 homes and 15,000 acres were submerged. Nearly 70 villages have turned into islands. We have approached the Supreme Court to prevent the raising of the water level. If it rises to 262 metres, thousands of lives will be ruined,” said Alok Agarwal of the NBA.

Indira Sagar, completed in 2005, is India’s largest reservoir. It dams 12.22 billion cubic metres of the Narmada, which feeds a 1000 MW power plant and irrigates 2.65 lakh hectares. It has a submergence area of more than 91,000 hectares, which covers 255 villages. Of these, the NBA says, 41 villages have not been surveyed and villagers had not got any compensation.

Devi Singh Rajput, a peasant from Badgaon Raiyar in Khandwa, said he lost his home in the recent floods and was living in a relative’s house now. “My village was partially submerged in 2004 and I was given compensation of about Rs. 2.5 lakhs for 9 acres of submerged land. I could only buy 4 acres with that on and I now grow soya and wheat. We were promised jobs but no jobs were given. My son, who has a polytechnic diploma, still can’t find work. If the levels are raised, I can’t afford to restart life again.”